How Has Technology Exponentially Grown In The Last Two Decades & Where We’re Headed

white robot near brown wall

The technological process has continuously developed every two years, according to Moore’s Law. Specific examples of these include digital electronic gadgets that grow exponentially. This progress has a significant implication as it drives social change in our lives.

Looking back in the year 1946, first-generation computers like the ENIAC have been composed of vacuum tubes for memory. As the year goes by, the biggest size of the computer appears, and this is the supercomputer. It can calculate trillions of data per second.

This progress in quality is inversely proportional to its price. It only means that as computational power increases, the cost decreases over the years. It is awesome to think that your computer right now has the same capacity as the great computer in the past years has.

However, to reach equilibrium in salaries, services have increased like in healthcare, accommodation, education. This could be one of the reasons why our economy remains viable.

The path is beyond promising. With the blink of an eye, you can enjoy digital cameras with more pixels, and cellphones with wireless communication. Your adoption of these technologies is fast-approaching since it does not require electricity grids. Opportunities are seamlessly awaiting.