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How To Convert Logo To SVG In Illustrator

Many people will always tell you to keep your logos in SVG format instead of PNG format. Alternatively, you can print and change your logos within a few seconds with some vector magic. Worry no more as Illustrator allows your artwork to be edited online or in the desktop app.

You can remove shapes, repair shattered lines, and dispersed contours in Illustrator. The tracing feature of this converter addresses any images which remain unclear even after scaling. It automatically distinguishes the shape of your images with its full color. Every detail carefully marks out to reconstruct the original outline of your logo.

If you want to do it online, you can upload the file immediately and our application will do the tracing. From here, you can obtain the vector image for comparison. After which you can edit the result if you want to. This moment you may evaluate the result to create your artistic design. Then, you can convert the file into SVG format and other file formats like EPS and DXF. Right after, you can now download the file. It is so easy to have control with your images, right? So, have it try!